Dear QRCF Scholarship Applicant:

The Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation (QRCF) believes that helping local students realize their college dreams benefits our entire community. To this end, the QRCF has supported over 50 scholars since our inception totaling over $180,000 in financial aid. In 2023, QRCF is awarding a minimum of two $8,000 scholarships to local graduating high school seniors who reside in the areas listed below. In addition to one regular academic QRCF scholarship, the Foundation will also award the Captain William O. Murray Scholarship to a student who exhibits a strong commitment to civic and community service. Each scholarship recipient will be eligible to receive $2,000 per year for four years. Both scholarships are based on a combination of financial need, academics, school involvement, and community service. The two scholarships, while similar, use weighted criteria as follows:

  • QRCF Academic Scholarship – 40% financial need, 40% academic achievement, 15% personal statement, and 5% community involvement
  • Captain William O. Murray Scholarship – 30% community involvement, 30% financial need, 20% academic achievement, and 20% personal statement

Please complete the online application form below or you may pick up a copy from your school counselor. Applications must be received and/or postmarked no later than Wednesday, April 19, 2024. 

Applications not containing all required information will be disqualified. If you are giving the application to your guidance counselor for submission, please be sure to allow enough time for your counselor to submit the application to the QRCF to meet the deadline. The Scholarship Committee, at its sole discretion, may seek out additional clarifying information from an applicant but under no circumstances will incomplete applications be considered.

If you have any questions, please send an email to with the subject “Scholarship Information Needed”. There will be no extensions of the deadline and do not rely on the timeliness of communications from QRCF to extend any deadlines or to waive any requirements of this process.

Thank you for your interest and we wish you a successful and happy future!

Eligibility Criteria

Please read carefully

1. Eligible candidates must be high school seniors who reside in the towns of Fenwick Island, Bethany Beach, Ocean View, Millville, Clarksville, Selbyville, Frankford, Dagsboro, Roxana, South Bethany and their surrounding rural areas. This area encompasses the following zip codes: 19944, 19930, 19970, 19967, 19975, 19945, and 19939.

2. Each tuition scholarship awarded is effective for a four-year period. Selected candidates will receive two $1,000 checks per year from the Foundation (for fall and spring semesters). The checks will be made payable to the college or university and mailed directly to the institution. The scholarship shall become null and void if the student withdraws from college or misses two consecutive semesters without requesting an exemption from QRCF for special circumstances. No further funding will be provided without exemption approval from QRCF. While this is intended to be a four-year scholarship, if a student elects to graduate in a shorter period than four years, the scholarship will be adjusted accordingly and only cover those semesters that the students is actively enrolled. Scholarships are awarded to cover the costs of tuition expenses only.

3. Awarded scholarships will renew each semester as the student maintains an overall cumulative GPA of 2.8 or better and continues to be enrolled in an acceptable college or university. To remain eligible for this renewal, the student must provide a copy of his or her transcript, including GPA, at the end of each semester to the QRCF. Additionally, the student must provide his or her schedule for the upcoming semester showing the student’s name, identification number, and the name and address of the school where the funds are to be mailed. Send this information, along with your current contact information, at least 30 days prior to the start of semester or the tuition bill being due, to:

Quiet Resorts Charitable Foundation
Attention: Scholarship Chair
P. O. Box 354
Bethany Beach, DE 19930

Additionally, this information should be emailed to Current contact information shall include the student’s phone number, mailing address, and email address.

It is solely the obligation and responsibility of the student to provide and maintain with the QRCF, the student’s current contact information at all times and to provide all necessary documentation to maintain eligibility for this scholarship. A failure to do so may cause the suspension or termination of future funding.

4. It is strongly encouraged and desired that any recipients of a scholarship from the QRCF continue to participate with the QRCF in our annual events such as the Caribbean Christmas, the Hair of the Dog 5K/10K Run, and BunnyPalooza. Without our fundraising events each year, the QRCF may be unable to provide further aid to the community. Our fundraising, solely run by volunteers, is critical and we can always use your help. Please email to see what opportunities are available for you.

Downloadable Application

Scholarship Application

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Please complete adjusted Gross Income (AGI) Reported by Parents/Legal Guardian on most recent tax return (If student candidate works, please also provide proof of earnings from student as well).

Name of High School is required.

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Weight of Cumulative GPA is required.

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Why College is required

Please upload a copy of your High School Transcript.

Please upload a copy of your SAT/ACT scores.

Please upload a copy of your most recent FAFSA form or tax return and any proof of student income.

PERSONAL STATEMENT: On a separate page please type or print an essay answering the question-Who is your Hero and How have they impacted your life. This personal statement is your opportunity to stand out as we receive many applications with similar qualifications and financial need. It should also be a statement that provides our scholarship committee some insight as to who you are. In addition to this personal statement please provide a list of any community service related activities that you have been involved in.

Please upload your applicant essay.

Please upload recommendations by Teachers or Administrators that know you and can speak to who you are, are encouraged as well. Please limit any additional attachments such as awards or letters of recommendation to no more than three pages.

Please verify that this application is certified.